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Kalandra - Onto the fire

I discovered this wonderful band while attending the Fjell og Ord (Mountains and Words) festival at Finse 1222 this last weekend of september. Finse is located at the topmost point on the railway between Bergen and Oslo, and is an excellent base for walking in one of the most beautiful but harsh areas of the Norwegian mountains.

In accordance with the theme for the festival - quiet - the band performed a purely accoustic set the first night. They’re originally a six-piece, but for this appearance only three members was present. The next day we got to see a more “plugged” set where one of the accoustic guitars was exchanged for an electric one. There was also some more experimental use of effects on the vocals. Both sets were very well performed, and showed a band that’s both confident and able to come close to the audience.

Kalandra - Sell your voice

Check them out at their Bandcamp or SundCloud sites!