Some webcomics

Just the way the web has made distribution easier for independent musician, the same has happened for comics. I see a lot of fresh and interesting comics on the web these days, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites at the moment.

Stand Still, Stay Silent

Stand Still Stay Silent

This is hands down some of the best I’ve seen on the web yet. It easily matches high quality comics in paper, has a interesting storyline and is updated every weekday! We’re set in the future Scandinavia after some disaster has pretty much wiped out all of the rest of the world, and most of Scandinavia too. We follow a crew sent out on an expedition to reclaim some of the knowledge from the old world. This comic has a strong root in scandinavian mythology, and some absolutely beautiful artwork.

Stand Still, Stay Silent on the web

Wormworld Saga


Another great comic with a longer storyline. We follow a small boy in his adventures in a strange and different world, that he accidentally stumbles upon by walking through a painting in his grandmothers attic. The artwork is very well done, and the format is really made for the web in a way I haven’t seen in any other comics. Each chapter is released only when it is complete, which is not too often, about one chapter a year or so seems to be a normal pace. The wait is worth it however, thought I find I have to refresh by re-reading the previous chapter whenever a new one is released.

Wormworld Saga on the web

Cheer up, Emo-kid

Cheer up Emo Kid

This is a stripe series that is updated a few times a week. This is black humour, without too much regard for social norms or conventions. Most stripes are self-contained, but the artist sometimes make longer sequences too, like the classic[``Dog’’]. The comic is well done, but not in the naturalistic style of the comics above. It makes for a good laught, if you’re not too easily offended. (And why should you be?)

Cheer up, Emo-kid on the web



I just recently stumbled upon this brilliant pearl of a panel based comic. Really well drawn, and with lot’s on infantile, sexually loaded puns and jokes in a semi-medeaval setting. It’s not too often I laugh loudly at work from reading anything on the web, with this one I did! (Be warned, less liberal workplaces may consider this comic NSFW, so check it out in private first.) Updated every sunday.

Oglaf on the web

Pepper & Carrot

Pepper & Carrot

Back to more family friendly stuff: Pepper & Carrot is a really cute comic about a young whitch, her cat and their various adventures in their world of magic, potions and dragons. This is a child friendly comic that still is fun and entertaining also for the adults. In addition to being a well made comic it is also one of the few where all the artwork is free to use and reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence v4.0! Also all the artwork and the web site is made entirely using free software!

Pepper & Carrot on the web

I hope you will enjoy at least some of these comics! Check them out and follow them on RSS if you like them. Spread the word and support the great artist making such great art available on the free web.