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Stop using noreply-addresses!

Ban noreply addresses!

Noreply-addresses are way to common in my inbox these days. These are usually emails from some company, a website or an automated system that wants to notify me about something. Sometimes it is notifications I want, sometimes not. The source of the email is for the most part irrelevant, the important thing is: I should be able to reply to any email!

By all means, there’s quite a lot of emails I would not normally respond to anyways, but that desicion should be mine. There may be a number of resons I want to respond, and preventing me from doing so feels like an intrusion. It’s quite simply rude. If you’re not capable of handling responses to messages you send out, you should not send them in the first place.

Even worse is that a lot of these emails even ask for responses, but force me to use another medium (usually a web form, sometimes social media) to actually deliver the response. This is both rude, and unnecessary complex.

Please respect normal netiquette: Identify yourself and provide a real email address as the sender of your emails!


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