Clowne is something as rare as the pilot for a TV series produced by a a crew of Norwegian high-school students. Don’t let that discourage you, this is really well made and very well produced!

We follow Gary Clowne (yep, that’s his name) as he is released from prison, but only to be given a surprise sentence to a three year community service as a… you guessed it: clown. His new boss seems to be quite on the shady side, if not downright paranoid. His drug addicted friend and room mate does not improve much on the situation, and his newfound love, the nymphomanic Jen has a boyfriend, Dick - even if he seems rather dimwitted.

All in all it’s a very well made pilot with a good story, great filming and a dark, but humorous atmosphere. It’s shot in Oslo, Norway, and makes great use of the city with some really nice locations that work really well with the story.

The only problem I have is that they pretend the story is set in California, not Oslo. When you look at the episode you will see it looks nothing like California, but has Oslo stamped all over it. If this ever is picked up by someone and made into a full series, I do hope they put the story where it belongs, and stop pretending it’s elsewhere.

See the episode at Vimeo!