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97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know cover (CC BY-SA v3.0)

As the title suggets, this is a book filled with pretty obvious advice for programmers. That is not the same as to say it's not worth reading though. On the contrary: I like this book, and think it is a good addition to any programmers bookshelf.

Each advice is self contained, short and to the point. Most are well written, and together they cover topics like code style, handling exceptions, design issues, choosing your tool, advancing your craft and perhaps most importantly – social aspects of being a professional developer.

With well known names like Kevlin Henney (editor of the book), Robert Martin, Walter Bright, Scott Meyers, Michael Feathers and many more, the book ranges from "you know what you get" to the occational a-ha moments of things you never thought about.

While not quite as indispensable as "The Pragmatic Programmer", I feel this book easily fits along side it on the bookshelf next to your bed. Flip trhough it every now and again, read a passage or two to remind yourself of some of the points it makes.

The contents of the book has an open license, and is also available as a gitbook where you can either read it online, or download it in a suitable format for you.