Huset (The house)

Poster for Huset.

Norwegian horror films are getting some attention, and there’s no reason Huset should not get it’s share too. A brand new horror film from Reinert Kiil, which at least I know best from the low budget slashers Hora (Whore) and Inside the Whore. Even though low budget, they were enjoyable films and gave promise of a director that could do interesting things given more resources.

Huset is a very well produced dark and creepy film that plays with the viewers perception of time and reality. What could have been a pretty standard haunted house movie set in a Norwegian winter landscape turns out quite different.

The main plot essentially involves only three characters, and the focus is close and intense at all times. The flashback revealing the history of the house is fragmented, and only give a glimpse of the terror that once played out there. The viewer is left to fill in the blanks, something which intensifies the experience.

I really liked this one. The attention to detail, the chemistry between the characters, the intensity of the shots and the way it reveals the story in glimpses without ever showing too much.

Highly recommended!