Killungard (Norway, 2018)

Nina-Shanett Arntsen in Killungard

Nina-Shanett Arntsen as Anniken in Killungard (2018).

The norwegian underground scene for horror films is growing. Killungard is just one of many proofs of this fact. The director Magne Steinsvoll has also been involved in Christmas Cruelty (2013) together with Per-Ingvar Tomren. This time he’s on his own, but delivers a solid and haunting ghost story set in the north western part of Norway.

Killungard is a good old fashioned gjost story without relying on fancy effects. The suspense is driven by the story, the performance of the actors and the visuals. Especially Nina-Shanett Arntsen is a perfect casting for the role as Anniken. Where effects has been used, they are done subtly and with great effect. A few nods to other classics of the genre has also found it’s way into the film.

I first watched an early version of the film at the Ramasksik Horror Film Festival in 2018. The DVD version that is out now has been recut and tuned a bit, and is a much tighter and coherent film than what was presented then.

All in all a great and at times creepy ghost horror story. Recommended! Go support your local independent film maker today!

signed cover of Killungard DVD

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